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About Us

About Us

Egypt tours club was launched in September 2014. It has quickly become a popular successful web based excursions site in Egypt. Innovation has been a key part of the success of Egypt tours club. We offer adventure activities, city tours, off-the-beaten-path experiences, educational tours, family-friendly activities, tickets to party venues, city passes, day trips... You name it, and we probably have it. All hand-selected by the Egypt tours club  team and all available at your fingertips on our website. With a little help from Egypt tours club , our customers can easily wear the hat of a true local, as they ride a camel through the desert, walk through the streets of Cairo, and ride a horse around the pyramids or Scuba dive in the Red Sea. A sample of more than 200 activities.

Tours are a way to reinvigorate your passion for life. This is what we believe in. And we started our own Tours Club for this. We’re a team of professional guides who’re passionate about travel. And to provide you with a unique experience that you can take away with you. Egypt Tours Club is a passion project for us as we wanted to do something different from the rest. We wanted to provide unique Egypt tours to everyone who loves to travel. Our club was formed in 2014 when our core members decided to leave big-named companies in order to provide you with unique experiences. We’re basically a bunch of friends with each having a vast experience in the traveling industry. We’re trained to provide you with the best tours under the guidance of an experienced GM. You can be a history lover, art lover or a travel lover. We’ll make sure that your Egypt tours are not only memorable but also mesmerizing.


For you is very important to do not think about 2 things during your holiday, it is your time of relaxing after hard work and the time of enjoyable, plus you need to pay fair fee and get excellent Services.

Time is very important, you need to use it in right way, and Egypt Tours Club knows exactly what does it mean for you, so we will handle your time in perfect way to be useful enough. it is our tour operator mission, and they inform our tour guides the exact program and activities you need. 

hassling is popular everywhere, here with Egypt Tours Club you will be in the safe sight, you will pay as you go.

Many Offers will be offered for you, maybe with lower prices, but just we how can give you the best price added to the best Services.


Our Mission is to turn your dream into reality, You  worked hard for that vacation and your dream is to enjoy it and having peace of mind during your staying in Egypt or during your day tour. Egypt Tours Club team has regular training and weekly update to avoid any single problem or miss any details, We guarantee a memorable Experience and unique Egypt Holiday.   


We will not leave you Alone, Before arriving you will be contacted by our reservations team, tour operator Manager. upon Arriving you will be met by our representatives, you will find us near by you always, you will be able to contact us at anytime during the 24 hours of the day. During your tour you will always be accompanied by Your Egypt Tour Guide, who will be your assistant. Egypt Tours Club Team will look after you in very perfect way. 

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