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Luxury Nile Cruise journey from Aswan to Luxor.


Sail along the historic Nile River and take in the stunning views of old temples and landmarks. This is the height of luxury and relaxing. Enjoy delicious food, spa treatments, and individual service on this trip through Egypt's most famous sites that you will never forget. 

Tour Info
  • Duration: 4 days , 3 nights
  • Departure time and location: At 10:00 am from your hotel or Aswan Airport
  • Return time and location: At 05:00 pm to the Luxor hotel or airport.
  • Package category: The Nile Cruises
Tour Highlights
  • Visit the Philae temples. travel to Abu Simbel temples. 
  • Sail forward to Kom ombo and visited Edfu temple. 
  • Discovered the valley of kings, 
  • Hatshepsut temple and karnak complex.
What to Expect
  • A four-day, three-night opulent Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor, during which one can immerse oneself in the annals of ancient Egyptian history. Witness awe-inspiring vistas of renowned temples and structures, including the Philae, Edfu, Kom ombo, and Abu Simbel temples. Investigate the Valley of Kings and the monuments of Luxor.
  • Mineral water will be provided for you free in the vehicle. 
More About Luxury Nile Cruise journey from Aswan to Luxor.
  • The Tour Leader will be waiting inide the airport with sign with your good name on it , and he will contact your good self with Whatsapp if it is available .
  • Dress Code: Smart Casual closes is recommended.
  • Comfortable shoes for walking, sunglasses and sunhat are important in summer time.


Day General Information

When you arrive at Aswan Train Station, Aswan Airport or to your hotel in Aswan, you will be greeted by your tour guide, who will accompany you on your holiday from Aswan to Luxor. Following the meet and greet, you will see the Philae temple before being transferred to the cruise ship to check in, enjoy the rest of the day on board after lunch, or take one of the optional tours of Aswan.

Day 1: Activity - 1
Philae temple visit

Upon arrival in Aswan, you will be greeted by your tour guide and transported to the remarkable temple of the Goddess Isis, known as the Philae temples. To reach the temple, you will embark on a boat ride powered by a motor, which will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes. Your guide will lead you through the historic temple, providing insights into the ancient Egyptian legends and beliefs. It is worth noting that Isis was revered as the goddess of Love and motherhood in ancient Egyptian mythology. First, you will investigate the temple, and then you will return by boat. After the visit, you will be transported to the Cruise.

Day 1: Activity - 2
Optional tour to the Nubian village

If you would like to spend your free afternoon learning more about the history and culture of the Nubian people, you can reserve a Nubian Village Tour. This tour takes you to a Nubian village where you can walk its streets and visit a Nubian house. You get there by motorized boat on the Nile River, making it an excellent way to see Aswan from the Hule side and capture stunning sunset photos. 

Day Extra Information

The category of cruise is Luxury Nile Cruise.
Alcohol are not included. 
At the conclusion of the excursion, it is essential to reward the crow.




Day General Information

The cruise will depart at 2:00 pm and arrive at Kom Ombo temple around 5:30 pm. Your guide will meet you in the lobby of the cruise ship and lead you through the temple to explore it before returning to the cruise to continue sailing toward Edfu temple.

Day 2: Activity - 1
Optional tour to visit Abu Simbel temples.

As previously mentioned, the cruise leaves at 2:00 pm, so now is a good time to reserve the optional tour to the Abu Simbel temples. You will be picked up from the cruise at 5:00 am and driven to the temples (it takes about 3 hours to get there). Once you arrive, you will be given a tour to learn about the history of the ancient Egyptians and how they constructed these incredible temples out of rocks. One of the temples was built for King Ramses II, who is regarded as the most important king in the annexes. Next, you will visit the second temple, which was constructed by Ramses II for his beloved wife, the queen Nefiratri. then return to Aswan to join the cruise before departing on the Kom Ombo. 


Day 2: Activity - 2
Kom Ombo Temple Visit.

When the Nile cruise arrives at the temple of the gods Horas and Sobek (Kom omb temple), which was constructed to honor both gods, it will be around 5:30 p.m. You will be taken on a guided tour of the magnificent Komombo temple, where you can learn more about the mythology of ancient Egypt.

Day Extra Information

The boat leaves at 2:00 pm, so if you want to see the remarkable temples built by Ramses the Great, you should definitely take into account the Abu Simbel temple journey by adding it to your package.

Day General Information

According to the arrival time to Edfu, you will be picked-up and transferred to Visit the Edfu temp,e. then you will transferred back to the cruise to have your breakfast, around 03:00 pm you will cross the Esna lock, by the afternoon, you will arrive to Luxor. 

Day 3: Activity - 1
Early morning Visit to Edfu temple.

Early in the morning, you will arrive in Edfu, where you will be met by your guide in the cruise lobby to proceed to visit the special temple of Edfu. To get there, you will use the city's traditional transportation (stagecoach carriage). The Edfu temple was built to serve the God Horas, the God of protection in ancient Egyptian history, and you will be guided to explore that special temple before returning to the cruise to continue sailing forward to Luxor. 

Day 3: Activity - 2
Crossing Esna Lock experience.

What happens during the crossing?
When the Nile cruise ships enter the lock, the gates are closed behind them, and the water level in the lock is regulated to match the level of the river downstream. Once the water level is equalized, the gates on the downstream side of the lock are released, allowing the boat to resume its journey down the river.

Day Extra Information

After your visit to Edfu, you will spend the day resting on board, enjoying a sunbath, and seeing the farmlands and greenery surrounding you while cruising.

Day General Information

Check-out, transfer to visit Luxor sightseeing (The Valley of Kings, Hatshepsut temple, Memnon colossi and Karnak temples), then transfer to the airport or hotel in Luxor as you request.

Day 4: Activity - 1
The Hot Air Balloon Optional tour

The hot air balloon trip is an optional activity that allows you to discover Luxor from the sky. You will be picked up at 4:00 a.m. and transported to the port, where you will soar for 45 minutes to explore Luxor and see the significant monuments from above. Then return to the boat to check out, have breakfast, and begin your tour of Luxor.

Day 4: Activity - 2
The Valley of Kings exploring.

The Valley of the Kings is an Ancient Egyptian burial complex buried in the slopes between Gurna's two limestone hills. The Valley of the Kings has 63 recognized tombs, and three additional have just been discovered. You will be allowed to tour three tombs from the inside; King Tut is not one of them. It has one additional ticket. You may purchase it on-site.

Day 4: Activity - 3
The Queen Hatshepsut temple visit

The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut is unusual in that it is Egypt's sole temple constructed into a cliff face in a terrace arrangement. Hatshepsut was a well-known female pharaoh who used a fake beard and all of the trappings of male pharaohs to seize the throne for herself.

Day 4: Activity - 4
Memnon stop

You will be transported to The Memnon Colossi visit: We'll then view the Memnon statues. They are the sole extant sculptures fronting the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III, showing the pharaoh seated on his throne.

Day 4: Activity - 5
Visiting the Karnak temples

After viewing Memnon Colossi, you'll be transported to a local restaurant for lunch. Drinks during lunch are not included. This tour concludes with a visit to Egypt's biggest ancient temple complex, the Karnak Temples. The Karnak Temple Complex is a prominent landmark in Egypt; spiritual forces from ancient Egypt may still be sensed within its walls.

Day Extra Information

Breakfast will be served on board of the cruise, 
Lunch will be served in a local restaurant. 
Dinner is excluded.
The Hot Air Balloon is an optional tour.


Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Hotel, airport, / train station pickup and drop-off.
  • A three-night luxury Nile cruise.
  • An expert Egyptologist leads the tour.
  • Admission costs to the sites listed in the program.
  • All ground transportation in the destination location by an A/C vehicle.
  • 3-Breakfasts, 3-dinners, 3-lunches.
  • Local Taxes.
  • International Airfare.
  • Entry visa.
  • Liquor.
  • Any private expenses.
  • Optional Tours.
  • Any Extra Not Mentioned in the Program.
  • Tipping.

Current Season Price Details

Please Note that price changes per season, so the price will depend on the date you pick when check out
Single Room Double Room Triple Room
Must adult #
Price per adult $ 1800 $ 1600 $ 1500
Max child # [age:6-11]
Price per child $ 900 $ 800
Max infant # [age:0-5]
Price per infant $ 400 $ 400

50 % of the total booking amount

Extra Fees

Optional tours.
Visiting King Tut tomb from inside. Abu Simbel temples tour, The Nubian village visit.

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