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About Us

About Egypt Tours Club:

Egypt Tours Club was established in September 2014 and has since gained popularity as a prominent travel business in Egypt. Due to our exceptional Egypt tour packages, it is unsurprising that travellers choose us as their preferred tour guides in Egypt. By choosing to travel with us, you will be granted the opportunity to participate in more than 200 excursions around Egypt. Whether you choose our affordable Cairo tours or our extravagant Egypt tours, we guarantee that your trip will be really memorable. 
Here are some activities to consider when exploring Egypt: take city tours in Cairo, Hurghada, Luxor, Alexandria, and Aswan; stroll through city markets; sample local cuisine; delve into the country's rich history with an expert and local tour guide; visit popular attractions; engage in family-friendly activities, and much more. 
At Egypt Tours Club, we are a group of skilled tour guides, tour organizers, tour operators and tourism business developers in Egypt that take pleasure in our professionalism. We aim to serve as your comprehensive destination for guided excursions in Egypt. This travel firm originated as a venture driven by enthusiasm, and we dedicate all our resources to guaranteeing the utmost satisfaction of every traveller. Central to the foundation of this organisation are individuals who are friends and made the choice to depart from renowned corporations in order to establish this special enterprise. 
All of us has extensive training and certification in our respective fields. We possess extensive expertise in the travel sector. We are certain that we provide the most exceptional Egypt trip packages suitable for every financial plan and kind of traveller. Regardless of your interests in history, art, architecture, or desire to visit Egypt, we guarantee that you will leave our nation with enduring and indelible memories. 

What services does Egypt Tours Club provide to travelers? 

Frankly speaking, there are two aspects that you would rather not contemplate while on your holiday or vacation: if you are receiving enough value for your money, and whether your vacation is aligning with your anticipated desires and expectations. It is undesirable to allocate the whole of your holiday in Egypt to strategizing your future activities, determining the process of acquiring tickets to tourist sites, and dedicating more time to work rather than relaxation. That is the point at which we intervene! 
Egypt Tours Club have the precise knowledge and expertise to optimise the use of your time in the most effective manner. Our company offers exceptional service, well-informed tour guides, and comprehensive Egypt tour packages, ensuring that you get the most value for your money. In addition, we provide personalised and bespoke trips, allowing you to have full control over how you want to use your holiday time. If you want to unwind on a vessel in the Nile or investigate the Pyramids of Giza, we are available to assist you in crafting your ideal vacation of Egypt. 

What services does Egypt Tours Club provide to travelers, you inquire?

 Assurance of security and expertise while exploring the remarkable nation of Egypt, providing peace of mind. 
The mission of Egypt Tours Club is to provide exceptional travel experiences in Egypt. 
Our objective is to transform your aspirations into tangible achievements. You have put in a significant amount of effort to earn your holiday, and your ultimate desire is to fully relish it and experience tranquilly whether staying in Egypt or on your day excursion. The crew at Egypt Tours Club undergoes frequent training and receives weekly updates to guarantee that you have the most exceptional Egypt vacation or holiday experience imaginable. 
Superb communication 
We acknowledge that travelling to a foreign nation might be intimidating due to unfamiliar languages and cultures. That is the reason why, when you choose to travel with us, you will not be abandoned to rely on yourself. Prior to your arrival in Egypt, our reservation staff and your tour operational manager will contact you. Upon your arrival, you will be greeted by a representative from Egypt Tours Club. You will have the opportunity to reach out to us at any point during your journey with us. 
Regardless of the duration of your stay, we will ensure that you get comprehensive assistance at every stage.