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Cairo, Egypt

Our day trips to Cairo give you a comprehensive look at the city, allowing you to see all the highlights, from the famous pyramids at Giza to the fascinating Egyptian Museum and the lively alleyways of Old Cairo. Day trips from Cairo can take you to the stunning temples of Luxor, a Nile River cruise in Aswan, or the coastal charm of Alexandria, allowing you to learn more about Egypt's illustrious past.
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Day Tour

Cairo is the main destination if you plan to visit Egypt, Egypt Tours Club main office based in Cairo, so we know that amazing city perfectly and we are here to help you to know Cairo as Egyptians, we offer a wide range of day tours in Cairo to explore the important, hidden and amazing sights in Cairo,

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Half Day Tour

At Egypt Tours Club, we offer a wide range of half day tours in Cairo including Cairo holiday packages, day tours to Cairo, and trips to the pyramids, sphinx, and the valley temple. You can also see Old Cairo, Museums, and other special activities like a quad bike safari next to the pyramids, a dinner cruise, and more.

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Tour From City "Cairo"

You would like to explore Egypt, but the main destination for you is Cairo, You want to visit the important cities of Egypt in short time, here we are to help you, Egypt Tours Club offers a wide range of the day tours from Cairo to explore other cities, such as Fayum oasis, Alexandria, Luxor trip from Cairo for one day, Aswan tours from Cairo etc.