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Affordable Egypt tour package


With our Affordable tour package, you'll spend ten days exploring amazing sites, historical sites, and exciting excursions in Egypt. After visiting Memphis, the Saqqara Complex, the Pyramids of Giza, and other notable locations in Giza, your tour comes to a conclusion in Cairo. From there, you'll continue on your Nile cruise from Luxor to Aswan. You will make stops at the Karnak Temple, the Valley of the Kings, and the Temple of Queen Hatshepsut.

Tour Info
  • Duration: 10 days , 9 nights
  • Departure time and location: 24/7 from Cairo Airport.
  • Return time and location: 24/7 to Cairo Airport
  • Package category: 9 to 10 Days Tour Package.
Tour Highlights
  • Giza Attractions: where you will visit the Pyramids of Giza and the Sphinx, Saqqara necropolis, Memphis City, Pyramids Sound and Light Show. (Optional tour)
  • Alexandria Attractions: where you will visit The Catacombs, Bombay Pillar, Quitbay fortress, Alexandria library. 
  • Aswan Attractions: Where you will explore Philae temples, The Nubian Village (Optional tour), Abu Simbel temples. (Optional Tour), Kom ombo temple, Edfu temple.
  • Luxor Attractions: Where you will be able to visit The valley of kings, Memnon colossi, Hatshipsut temple, Karnak complex.
  • Cairo Attractions: where you will visit Old Coptic Cairo, Old Islamic Cairo, Khan El Khalili,The Egyptian Museum. 
What to Expect
  • Explore Egypt's true nature on a 10-day adventure. 
  • This tour includes a Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor and visits the most important sites. 
  • Services will be yours alone. 
  • Tour the highlights of Giza, Cairo, Alexandria, and the Nile from Aswan to Luxor. 
  • Visit the Philae Temples, Nubian Village, and Abu Simbel Temples at Aswan. 
  • Visit Edfu and Komombo Temples to continue exploring. 
  • Explore Luxor's Valley of the Kings, Karnak Temples, Hatshibsut Temples, and Memnon Colossi. 
  • You will visit Islamic and Coptic Cairo's ancient areas.
  • Mineral water will be provided for you free in the vehicle. 
More About Affordable Egypt tour package
  • The tour leader will be waiting inside the airport with a sign with your name on it, and he will contact you via WhatsApp if it is available.
  • Dress Code: Smart Casual Closes is recommended.
  • Comfortable shoes for walking, sunglasses, and a sunhat are important in the summer..
  • Please check what you need to bring with while you visit Egypt. Check the list.


Day General Information

Based on your arrival data, our representative will meet you at the airport with a board bearing your name. The representative will assist you with customs procedures, obtaining a visa, and other matters before escorting you to the hotel. 
The representative will be more than pleased to answer any questions and go over the schedule for the next few days as you go from the airport to your hotel. 

Day 1: Activity - 1
The optional tour of The Pyramids' Light Show

The pyramids' sound and light show is one of the most recommended activities on the first day, and we can arrange for you to learn about Egyptian history during the one-hour light and sound display in front of the pyramids and Sphinx. the tour is excluded, you can add it to your package. 

Day Extra Information

To schedule the pickup and transfer from the airport to the hotel, you must provide your arrival and departure details prior to the arrival date.
In the case that you arrive before 2:00 pm, you will have to wait in the lobby until check-in time. 

Day General Information

According to the scheduled pick-up time, the guide will meet you in the hotel lobby to pick you up and transport you to the following locations before returning you to the hotel.

Day 2: Activity - 1
Memphis tour

Memphis, Saqqara and the Pyramids of Giza
Begin your day tour by visiting one of the most important statues in Memphis's open-air museum. King Menes founded Memphis, which served as Old Egypt's capital throughout the Old Kingdom. For more than 3,000 years, it was regarded as Egypt's administrative and cultural hub! 
You can snap a picture with the Ramses II Statue before heading to Sakkara Necropolis. 

Day 2: Activity - 2
Saqqara Tour

After touring Memphis, your guide will take you to Saqqara Necropolis, where you will witness the Six Steps Pyramid, the main entrance to the Necropolis, and King Teti's Pyramid. 
After you've visited all of the complex's features, your tour guide will take you to a local and traditional restaurant, where we encourage you to sample our local cuisine.

Day 2: Activity - 3
Pyramids of Giza

You will be taken there for 3 hours, with three stops: the enormous pyramid of Cheops, the panorama view, and the temple of Valley and the enormous Sphinx tour. Then you'll be transferred back to your hotel for the night.then you will be transported back to your hotel for the night.

Day Extra Information

We recommend that you dress casually well, wear a hat, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes depending on the environment. 
Entrance rates include simply the admission fee to the area and do not include viewing the pyramids from inside; if you wish to visit the pyramids from inside, you will be charged an additional fee. You can ask your guide to assist you with purchasing the ticket.
Lunch will be served at a neighborhood restaurant.


Day General Information

You will be able to tour Egypt's second capital. Did you know that Alexandria, founded by Alexander the Great in 330 BC, served as Egypt's capital for 970 years? Your knowledgeable tour guide will lead you around Alexandria's Greek and Roman sites, including the Catacombs, Bombay Pillar, and Fortress of Qaitbay. This is the tour you want to take. After Visiting Alexandria, you will be taken back to Cairo to take the sleeper train to Aswan.

Day 3: Activity - 1
Meet, pick-up, transfer to Alexandria.

At 7:00 a.m., you'll meet your tour guide in the hotel lobby. You will be picked up by one of our private A/C vans and driven to the lovely city of Alexandria. Alexandria is 210 kilometers north of Cairo, and it will take us around two and a half hours to reach our first tourist stop.

Day 3: Activity - 2
The Catacomb Tour

We head to the Catacombs first. A combination of Greek, Roman, and Ancient Egyptian art can be found here. There are three storeys in the catacombs. You will see the main tomb, which is still decorated with Greek, Roman, and Egyptian symbols, statues, and carvings.

Day 3: Activity - 3
The Seraphim Temple Visit

Pompey's Pillar from the Third Century is your next destination. Made of red Swan granite, the 25-meter-tall pillar is regarded as one of the few surviving remnants of the Seraphim Temple. 
Built as a tribute to Emperor Diocletian, it was formerly an impressive building that might match the Soma and the Cesarean.

Day 3: Activity - 4
Quitbay Citadel Walking tour

Our next visit is the Quitbay Citadel. Alexandria's lighthouse was destroyed by an earthquake in the eleventh century. Rather than restoring the lighthouse, Sultan Qaitbay constructed the Alexandrian Fortress to protect Egypt's north. 
During your tour of the Qaitbay Citadel, your guide will explain the military monuments and the Alexandria Lighthouse.

After the Lunch, you will be taken back to Cairo train station to take the sleeper train to Aswan.

Day Extra Information

We recommend that you dress casually well, wear a hat, sunglasses, and comfortable shoes depending on the environment. 
Lunch will be served at a neighborhood restaurant.

As you are traveling to Aswan after Alexandria, you will need to check-out and take your luggage with you.

Day General Information

When you arrive at Aswan Train Station, you will be greeted by your tour guide, who will accompany you on your holiday from Aswan to Luxor. Following the meet and greet, you will see the Philae temple before being transferred to the cruise ship to check in, enjoy the rest of the day on board after lunch, or take one of the optional tours of Aswan.

Day 4: Activity - 1
Philae temple visit

Upon arriving to Aswan, you will be met with your tour guide and be transferred to visit the unique temple of the Goddess Isis, the Philae temples, to reach there you will ride a boat with moto, sailing for 10 to 15 minutes, your guide will take you through the historical temple, where you will know more about the ancient Egyptian legends and believing, Isis considered to be the goddess of Love and motherhood in the ancient Egyptian mythology. you will explore the temple then you will take the boat back, after the visit you will be transferred to the Nile Cruise.

Day 4: Activity - 2
Optional tour to the Nubian village

If you would like to spend your free afternoon learning more about the history and culture of the Nubian people, you can reserve a Nubian Village Tour. This tour takes you to a Nubian village where you can walk its streets and visit a Nubian house. You get there by motorized boat on the Nile River, making it an excellent way to see Aswan from the Hule side and capture stunning sunset photos. 

Day Extra Information

The cruise category is standard 5 stars. based on bed, breakfast, lunch and dinner. 
Drinks  are excluded on board.
By the end of the trip, it's crucial to leave a tip for the crow.




Day General Information

The cruise will depart at 2:00 pm and arrive at Kom Ombo temple around 5:30 pm. Your guide will meet you in the lobby of the cruise ship and lead you through the temple to explore it before returning to the cruise to continue sailing toward Edfu temple.

Day 5: Activity - 1
Optional tour to visit Abu Simbel temples.

As previously mentioned, the cruise leaves at 2:00 pm, so now is a good time to reserve the optional tour to the Abu Simbel temples. You will be picked up from the cruise at 5:00 am and driven to the temples (it takes about 3 hours to get there). Once you arrive, you will be given a tour to learn about the history of the ancient Egyptians and how they constructed these incredible temples out of rocks. One of the temples was built for King Ramses II, who is regarded as the most important king in the annexes. Next, you will visit the second temple, which was constructed by Ramses II for his beloved wife, the queen Nefiratri. then return to Aswan to join the cruise before departing on the Kom Ombo. 


Day 5: Activity - 2
Kom Ombo Temple Visit.

When the Nile cruise arrives at the temple of the gods Horas and Sobek (Kom omb temple), which was constructed to honor both gods, it will be around 5:30 p.m. You will be taken on a guided tour of the magnificent Komombo temple, where you can learn more about the mythology of ancient Egypt.

Day Extra Information

The boat leaves at 2:00 pm, so if you want to see the remarkable temples built by Ramses the Great, you should definitely take into account the Abu Simbel temple journey by adding it to your package.

Day General Information

According to the arrival time to Edfu, you will be picked-up and transferred to Visit the Edfu temp,e. then you will transferred back to the cruise to have your breakfast, around 03:00 pm you will cross the Esna lock, by the afternoon, you will arrive to Luxor. 

Day 6: Activity - 1
Early morning Visit to Edfu temple.

Early in the morning, you will arrive in Edfu, where you will be met by your guide in the cruise lobby to proceed to visit the special temple of Edfu. To get there, you will use the city's traditional transportation (stagecoach carriage). The Edfu temple was built to serve the God Horas, the God of protection in ancient Egyptian history, and you will be guided to explore that special temple before returning to the cruise to continue sailing forward to Luxor. 

Day 6: Activity - 2
Crossing Esna Lock experience.

What happens during the crossing?
When the Nile cruise ships enter the lock, the gates are closed behind them, and the water level in the lock is regulated to match the level of the river downstream. Once the water level is equalized, the gates on the downstream side of the lock are released, allowing the boat to resume its journey down the river.

Day Extra Information

After your visit to Edfu, you will spend the day resting on board, enjoying a sunbath, and seeing the farmlands and greenery surrounding you while cruising.

Day General Information

Check-out, transfer to visit Luxor sightseeing (The Valley of Kings, Hatshepsut temple, Memnon colossi and Karnak temples), then transfer to the hotel in Luxor for overnight.

Day 7: Activity - 1
The Hot Air Balloon Optional tour

The hot air balloon trip is an optional activity that allows you to discover Luxor from the sky. You will be picked up at 4:00 a.m. and transported to the port, where you will soar for 45 minutes to explore Luxor and see the significant monuments from above. Then return to the boat to check out, have breakfast, and begin your tour of Luxor.

Day 7: Activity - 2
The Valley of Kings exploring.

The Valley of the Kings is an Ancient Egyptian burial complex buried in the slopes between Gurna's two limestone hills. The Valley of the Kings has 63 recognized tombs, and three additional have just been discovered. You will be allowed to tour three tombs from the inside; King Tut is not one of them. It has one additional ticket. You may purchase it on-site.

Day 7: Activity - 3
The Queen Hatshepsut temple visit

The Mortuary Temple of Hatshepsut is unusual in that it is Egypt's sole temple constructed into a cliff face in a terrace arrangement. Hatshepsut was a well-known female pharaoh who used a fake beard and all of the trappings of male pharaohs to seize the throne for herself.

Day 7: Activity - 4
Memnon stop

You will be transported to The Memnon Colossi visit: We'll then view the Memnon statues. They are the sole extant sculptures fronting the mortuary temple of Amenhotep III, showing the pharaoh seated on his throne.

Day 7: Activity - 5
Visiting the Karnak temples

After viewing Memnon Colossi, you'll be transported to a local restaurant for lunch. Drinks during lunch are not included. This tour concludes with a visit to Egypt's biggest ancient temple complex, the Karnak Temples. The Karnak Temple Complex is a prominent landmark in Egypt; spiritual forces from ancient Egypt may still be sensed within its walls.

Day Extra Information

Breakfast will be served on board of the cruise, 
Lunch will be served in a local restaurant. 
Dinner is excluded.
The Hot Air Balloon is an optional tour.


Day General Information

According to the airline ticket information and the scheduled pick-up time, you will check-out and be transported to Luxor Airport to board the flight back to Cairo. Upon arrival at Cairo Airport, you will be met by your guide who will transfer you to your hotel in Cairo for the night.

Day Extra Information

Breakfast will be served in the hotel in Luxor, 
Food and beverage are excluded during the free day. 

Day General Information

The visit to old Cairo is an important element of the Egypt trip package, as you will see the old Coptic Cairo, a historic Islamic Mosque, and walk through Khan El Khalili Bazaar. Lunch will be supplied throughout the day tour of Cairo. Then you will be transported back to your hotel in Cairo.

Day 9: Activity - 1
Old Coptic Cairo walking tour.

At 08:00 am, you will be met with your tour guide, who will pick you up and transfer you to visit the Old Coptic Cairo, you will be able to visit the hanging church, Babylon fortress, the cavern church where Jesus was living. and Ben Ezra Synagogue.

Day 9: Activity - 2
The Alabaster Mosque and the citadel visit

Your next stop will be at the most significant Islamic site, where you will be able to see all of Cairo from the top. You will also see the alabaster mosque, which is identical to Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul. There, you will be guided to learn more about Islamic and Oriental cultures.

Day 9: Activity - 3
Walking for one hour in Khan El Khalili Bazaar

After lunch at a local restaurant, where you will sample the classic Egyptian popular mail (Koshari), you will be taken to Khan El Khalili bazaar, Egypt's most significant market, where you will experience Egyptian life. 

Day 9: Activity - 4
The Egyptian Museum Tour.

You will be escorted to the Egyptian Museum, which houses the Treasury of King Tut, in order to delve into additional aspects of Egyptian history. Following a two-hour guided tour, you will return to your hotel for the night.

Day Extra Information

Dress Code: As a general rule in religion sights, men are expected to wear long pants, while women are advised to wear clothing that is at least knee length or below, such as long skirts or pants. Women should also refrain from wearing sleeveless or shirts with low necklines.

Day General Information

The pick-up will be scheduled based on your departure information, and the driver will be ready for you to pick you up and transport you to your next location.

Day Extra Information

Check-out must be completed by 11:00 a.m. 
If your flight is later than the check-out time, we will attempt to help you with late check-out, but if we can't, you can wait in the hotel lobby.

Inclusions & Exclusions

  • Hotel, airport, train station pickup and drop-off.
  • Meeting services and assist in all destinations.
  • 4 nights of accommodation at a 5-star hotel in Cairo. based on bed and breakfast.
  • 1 night in a cabin on the sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan. based on bed and dinner.
  • 3 nights of accommodation on the Nile cruise from Aswan to Luxor.  based on bed, brekfast, lunch and dinner.
  • 1 night of accommodation at a 5-star hotel in Luxor. based on bed and breakfast.
  • Private Tours.
  • Private qualified Egyptologist tour guide.
  • Entrance fees to the mentioned sights in the Program.
  • All Private ground transportation in the destination location.
  • Train ticket from Cairo to Aswan.
  • flight ticket from Luxor to Cairo.
  • Local Taxes.
  • International Airfare.
  • Entry visa.
  • Drinks in the restaurants and on the Nile cruise.
  • Any private expenses.
  • The optional Tours.
  • Any Extra Not Mentioned in the Program.
  • Tipping.

Current Season Price Details

Please Note that price changes per season, so the price will depend on the date you pick when check out
Single Room Double Room Triple Room
Must adult #
Price per adult $ 2534 $ 3840 $ 1924 $ 2915 $ 1726 $ 2615
Max child # [age:6-11]
Price per child $ 1188 $ 1800 $ 960 $ 1455
Max infant # [age:0-5]
Price per infant $ 507 $ 768 $ 462 $ 700

50 % of the total booking amount

Extra Fees

Optional tours.
Visiting the pyramids from inside. 
Beverages during the cruise.

User Reviews
Kathy T Kathy T
Jul 9, 2024

This trip was phenomenal! I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to experience Egypt. I took this trip with my sister and her family, including young children. Our tour guide, Ali, was very accommodating and really made ancient Egypt come to life with his knowledge of the history and awareness of our age and interest levels. The Nile cruise, camel rides, pyramids, sphinx, Alexandria, ... all of it, the entire trip was amazing! Everything was arranged and went smoothly. I look forward to another trip to Egypt and will definitely book through Egypt Tours Club!

Andrew Bowie
Jul 15, 2024

Egypt Tours Club did a great job organizing and structuring my trip to Egypt. I went with a group of 3 people for a 9 day trip, and we were able to completely customize our experience to what we wanted to do and see. Egypt Tours Club was extremely accommodating and easy to work with to make our stay enjoyable and care-free. We were taken care of and informed of everything from the moment we entered the airport. I would highly recommend using Egypt Tour Club for organizing your trip to Egypt. All of the tour guides were extremely knowledgeable in the areas we visited, easy to understand, and friendly. I would like to specifically recommend Mahmoud Hassan to anyone traveling to Luxor or Aswan. He did a great job, and was extremely informative, fun, and a pleasure to work with. We even exchanged contact information, and plan to keep in touch. Overall great experience, and highly recommend Egypt Tours Club.

Joanna H
Jul 15, 2024

Me and 2 other friends joined this 9 days tour with Egypt Tour Club from Dec 30 - Jan 7. Our tour coordinator, Ali helped organized everything for us as we all arrive at different times. The entire tour is fun filled with no downtime at all, I wish I can make this a longer trip so I can stay in each spot even longer! Our tour guide Youssa is exceptional! Friendly, funny, and very knowledgeable - which is perfect for a history buff like me with a million questions. He took us to local spots and got us to try local food. On our last night he was so nice to host us in his own home which we had the most amazing Egyptian home made meal ever. Definitely a great experience and and I highly recommend this company for anyone who wants to experience Egypt!

Jul 15, 2024

Entirely 10-day private tour with Egypt Tours Club with Youssa (Cairo and Alexandria) and Ahmed (Aswan and Luxor) as our tour guides. From the time they pick us up from the airport, they took care of everything. Super fun and very informative as they are Egyptologists. The tour already included all the transportation in Egypt, and most of the meals. We add on all the optional tours which filled us everything we want to experience in Egypt, like camel ride, hot air balloon, sound and light show, etc. The only shortfall for the trip is we sometimes have to get up super early at 4:30am, but still totally worth it. Highly recommend Egypt Tours Club.

Jul 15, 2024

I traveled to Egypt solo, female and felt safe with great guides. Sameh was my guide in Cairo and Alexandria and Mahmoud in Aswan-the Nile cruise to Luxor. I thought it was a group tour when I booked it but ended up being a private tour. The price was incredibly affordable It was awesome. Private cars with my guide and drive, no waiting for 50 people to get on an off. The guides were very knowledable, I learned alot about the history of Egypt as well as gained an understanding of Muslim life and beliefs - quite enlightening. I enjoyed the optinal excursions offered at affordable prices such as the hot air ballon, Abu Simbel and city tours. The different modes of transport I took a sleeper train from Cairo to Aswan, river cruised to Luxor experienced going through a Lock. Carriage rides to temples. The best thing is the guides negotiated and took care of all the arrangements. Mahmoud is Absolutely one of the best guides. Ali, the manager, always responded quickly and ensured the whole trip went smoothly, as i communicated with him on the trip and meet him. Eygpt Tours Club is definitely a 5 star company and I have referred them to my friends who are thinking of going to Eygpt.

Jul 15, 2024

I have nothing but high praise for this tour and tour company. If you want to experience everything that is worth seeing in Egypt, then this is the tour for you. It was well planned and very well paced. I opted for the 5 Star Hotel option and was very happy with accommodation provided. The overnight sleeper train is a fun experience and the Nile Cruise a nice relaxing break in the middle of the tour. My tour guides were Youssa in Cairo and Peter for the remainder of the tour. Both guides were generous with their time, information and very thorough with the details of each sight I visited. I have come away with so much more knowledge and understanding of this country and its history and also 2 wonderful new friends. Egypt Tours Club could not have been more helpful, and this was from the time of booking right up until my departure from Egypt. Ali was always very quick to respond to any questions and offers excellent service. This tour includes most meals, all transport and optional side tours (Abu Simbel and Ballon Ride over the Valley if the Kings) which I would highly recommend. Excellent value for the money. I cannot recommend this tour and tour company more highly.

Jake M
Jul 15, 2024

I have wanted to visit Egypt for 36 years. Ever since I was a young boy, I wanted to stand in the shadow of the Great Pyramid, look into the eyes of the Sphinx and sail along the Nile. All the things I wanted to do, Egypt Tours Club help make them a reality. I traveled the country by car, train, plane and boat loving every minute of it. Hussein El Gabry was my guide in Cairo. He was available at every turn of my trip. His focus was to take care of me and help make this dream a reality. He was a top notch guide. Walid Maadawy in Aswan was also spectacular! He was knowledgeable and fun and like Hussein, went out of his way to take care of me and show me their beloved Egypt. The cruise boat and crew were amazing. I highly recommend including the cruise trip tour as a part of your experience. All the guides were great and were open to all of my questions. I look forward to returning to Egypt some day to reconnect with these wonderful people and the folks at Egypt Tour Club.

Jul 15, 2024

Egypt is a fascinating place! I felt safe with my guides, Ashraf, Mohamed and Ahmed. All of them were very informative and open! Answered all questions and everything! Everything that i saw was beautiful and amazing, the price was affordable too - I've wanted to visit Egypt since i was a little girl and finally getting to do it was astounding and a dream come true. It was worth all the wait and money saving. I can't wait until i come back to Egypt again!

Jul 15, 2024

We toured the country. It was beautiful. Mohamed Gamal was an excellent guide. They followed thru on all of their promises and we were treated very kindly. I would recommend his services to anyone interested in learning more about the people and places of Egypt. Respectfully,

Daph U
Jul 15, 2024

Mohamed was an enthusiastic and informative tour guide. His ability to guide us throughout the tour and enlighten us on Egyptian history has taught me more than I expected to learn. He was very patient with our group of 3 and I am so glad we had him at a tour guide because he made it feel like we were being guided by a long lost friend. Highly recommended.

Carly S
Jul 15, 2024

Egypt on its own is breathtaking but choosing to tour with Egypt Tours Club was one of the best decisions I could've made. March 2020 was not the easiest time for the world but thanks to the entire team I felt assured that the this was going to be a positive and memorable experience. Mother nature kept interfering with the schedule --e.g., Dragon Storm, but even with all the problems that arose, the accommodations were made so seamlessly it was almost as if nothing happened. Jimmy was my tour guide in Cairo and Alexandria. I'm so happy that I was able to start and end my tour with him. You can tell he is passionate about what he does. When he shares his knowledge with you, it's like you're having a normal conversation with a friend. He absolutely made learning fun. George was my tour guide for Aswan and Luxor. If he were to teach a class, I would take it just for him. I learned so much from him but I know that was only scratching the surface of his knowledge. Midway through the trip I went on a Nile Cruise with M/S Nile Dolphin. It was a beautiful ship filled with a wonderful staff. They made sure I was comfortable and on time for all the events. They even called me if I did not show up for a meal. During the entire tour, I felt welcomed and most importantly safe. I will be making a return trip to Egypt someday. I would like to add: durable, comfortable shoes are essential, everyone should experience a camel ride, do not pass up the opportunity to eat fish from the Mediterranean Sea (it's delicious!), and make sure you take all the pictures you can.

Matthew H
Jul 15, 2024

If or when, my family and/or I return to Egypt, I will go through this company again and ask for the same guides again. We had an amazing trip, filled with memories that will last my Dad, Brother, and I a lifetime. Everyone in our group would recommend this company and in particular our guides to everyone and anyone. In fact, I’ve have already recommended the tour and guides to a few friends and coworkers. This is pretty much the highest compliment that I can give being that I have to work and see these people for the rest of my life. With that said, I’ll get into more details: Our group consisted of 3, my brother, father and myself. We varied in age from 83 (Dad) to mid-40’s (my brother and myself). We also varied in fitness levels, my Dad is very spry but, he’s 83 and my Brother and I are quite active. Our interest levels also varied. My Dad and I are big European history nerds but, my brother is really interested in ancient Egypt. This was his first time out of the US and the only place he was really interested in going was Egypt. Booking: I booked our tour through the website Tour Radar and we chose the Ancient Egypt Tour Package Discovery through Egypt Tour Club. The entire trip was very last minute. I was able to pull the entire 10-day trip together within 2 weeks of departure. The company made my life easier. They were incredibly accommodating with departure and arrival dates. You want to leave on Sunday and return Wednesday, sure, they’ll make it work! This really worked well as we all have varied schedules. Sam was our first guide and he met us at the airport early as we were 3hrs early. Sam helped us all into the waiting van, at which point we began our drive to the hotel. Our hotel was located in Giza, aprox. 1 ½ - 2 hrs away. While it seamed like a long drive from the airport, once we were at the hotel and saw that we were across the street from the Pyramids, we couldn’t have been happier. The hotel, Mercure Cairo Le Sphinx, was nice, clean, and we felt safe. We were able to get in, grab a shower, some dinner and watch the sun go down behind the pyramids with a beer in our hand, life was perfect and everyone was happy. We did have a set schedule when we arrived in Cairo. Our itinerary included Pyramids, old Cairo, Alexandria, night train to Aswan, Aswan to Luxor via river cruise, then back to Cairo and out. After speaking with our guide Sam, he suggested the same itinerary but a different schedule. Sam devised a new schedule that he thought would be more convenient for us, with less early mornings. We told Sam, as long as we saw the places in our itinerary, we didn’t care in what order and that we would go with his recommendation. We’re glad we did, because looking back we would have had a few more late-nights followed by early-mornings. Sam clearly knew what he was doing! On a side note, being flexible on this trip was really helpful. We had a set itinerary, Sam suggested we change the order, we’re glad we did. Be it traffic, Cairo is crazy, demonstrations, to times the tour left/returned, things change on a sometimes-daily basis. I was a bit cautious about changing our schedule at first, maybe because you think you’re going to be ripped-off or something like that but, that WAS NOT the case, Sam knew what he was talking about. Guides: Sam & Beacher Both were excellent and different. We found both guides willing to work with us and came up with their own suggestions. For instance, we wanted little extra time at the Valley of the Kings, Beacher agreed and he was there early. We thought something else would require more time, Sam (more on him later) knew we didn’t need that much time there, he was right. Work with your guilds, both you and they want you to have the best experience! Speaking of Sam, he was awesome. Because there was a lot of pickup-drop-off’s with Sam we also had a driver (I’m sorry I forgot his name). If you’re thinking about renting a car in Egypt, as we considered, DON’T. Driving in Egypt is crazy. Anyhow, back to Sam. Sam was our guide in Cairo, Giza (pyramids and surrounding area), and to/from Alexandria. He was both interesting, funny, engaging and just a pleasure to be around. Sam was able to answer all our questions and we just had a really fun and interesting time with him. Not only was he really knowledgeable about Egypt both ancient and present, we felt that we were in really great hands with him. He went out of his way for us. One example, for our overnight trip to Aswan on the over night train, I assumed we would be just dropped off at the station (we wouldn’t have had a problem with that). However, Sam walked us onto the station, moved us away from the crowds of tourist and was even able to grab us a table at a café with a bathroom! Again, my Dad is 83 and Sam saw he needed to sit and he made it happen. Sam even waited with us the entire time we waited for the train, even stayed longer as the train was over an hour late (“running on Egyptian time” – Sam). We glad he did, as the station was crowded and several trains came and went on the same platform in the meanwhile. He checked each train and finally walked us onto the correct one before we left. He went the extra mile and we really appreciated it. When we returned to Cairo on the last day, we asked to have Sam as our guide again and, he was a really welcome face on our return. Our other guide, Beacher (please forgive my spelling if I’m off) was incredible. Beacher loves the subject of ancient Egypt and clearly keeps up-to-date with new material and research within the field. As mentioned above, I am a nerd and my Brother LOVES ancient Egypt. Beacher was able to answer all our questions and put everything into a world context. We spent 4 days with Beacher and it was fascinating. He joined us on deck of the cruise for tea and pointed things out, and gave us the really in-depth tours we really wanted. Just overhearing the guides at stops along our cruise, and their formulaic / standard speeches, really made us appreciate Beacher and his depth, knowledge, and updates on current thinking on Egyptology. As I mentioned above, Beacher had us for 4 days and the most physical part of the trip. There was a lot more walking in Valley of the Kings / Queens and general Luxor area. Beacher was always looking out for our Dad (remember spry but 83) and found him a nice shady spot for him to sit (and nap) while he took my brother and I into more tombs. He was really good at gaging my Dad’s energy/interest level. He could see it was getting hot and Dad was getting tired and was would say, “ok, Henry, you’ll want to see this tomb but, the next one is similar to the last we saw so, I’ll just take the boys if you want to sit here;” perfect! Both Beacher and Sam were really looking out for Dad, and we appreciate it! Beacher and Sam were really excellent and I hope they get to see this. My Brother, Dad and I are still talking about the trip and the great time they showed us. Lastly and a side note: for anyone reading this and something I wish I knew before we went: regarding where we stayed and how it’s advertised. The company states that you’ll stay in a particular hotel / ship or “something of the same level.” We found it odd that we didn’t know exactly the name of the hotel we were to stay in, nor the name of the ship until we boarded. I’m very use to planning trips and this ambiguity really threw me. We were asked, “where are you staying” and we didn’t know, this made my Dad and I a little nervous. You’re really buying into a level of service/amenities. Everything is given a rating and while we did stay in the hotel, they advertised in Cairo we were on a different ship for our cruise but, of the same rating. Our ship was just as nice, if not nicer, than the one that we thought we were going on. Again, you’re really buying into accommodations of a certain rating. I guess the only 2 things I would have changed was, it would have been nice to know the exact hotel / ship a day or two before we left (although everything worked fine). And, where we stayed the last night before we left Egypt. The last 2 nights we stayed in the same great hotel in Giza as we did in the beginning of our trip. It was nice and great, it was just 1 ½ hours from the airport and we had an early flight out the next morning, this made it earlier. To end this long review, I would use this company again! I would love to see our two guides again, Sam and Beacher, and I would (and have) recommend it to anyone going to Egypt. I have NO problem recommending this company again and if you do go, ask for Sam and Beacher!!

Raquel M
Jul 15, 2024

It was a great experience, something to remember forever. Yussa and Ash were our guides. Both were friendly and full of knowledge. I highly recommend this for anyone coming to Egypt

Fabio S
Jul 15, 2024

Egypt Tours Club provided the best experience in Egypt! trust me you will love it! This is my third time in Egypt with different companies and this was the best experience I ever had. Ali, the agent from ETC provided EVERYTHING that I needed in Egypt, transfers, tours, hotel, activities, PCR test, air tickets and Cruise. he was always available to answer any question I had and tailoring the tour to accommodate my needs. The Tour guide/Egyptologist Mohammed knew a lot about egypt and explained all the details on the temples and tombs in a interesting and funny way so it was not boring. If he is available ask for mohammed, you won't regret.

marilia s
Jul 15, 2024

Since I was a children I wanted to visit Egypt and see the pyramids. Ali and Egypt Tour Club made it easy for me and my brother. We Booked everything with them. Transfer, tours, Cruise, flights and PCR test. This was my third international tour and my English is not very good so Ali, to make the trip better was able to find guides that spoke Spanish. Mohammed, the tour guide was great. He taught me a lot of the things I wanted to learn since I was a little girl. I am coming back home knowing old Egypt was greater than i ever imagined. I couldn't recommend a better company. I felt save in Egypt as a woman The tour guide and driver were vaccinated and were wearing masks. So I felt safe during these cover times.

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